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1304, 2018

The National Three Planting event scheduled to take place on 26th April, 2018

This occasion is graced and commemorated with national tree planting occasions throughout the country and our Ministry is currently doing the final touches for the occasion that will take place at Makueni County with all stakeholders and Government workers attending and taking part in the fete.

1304, 2018

Medium Term Plans (MTP III) review

This is a Workshop meant to gather and address the programmes and projects to be undertaken during the next five years with specific timeliness to achieve the desired result

1304, 2018

The Monitoring and Evaluation fifth Economic Week that took place in Mombasa from 15th to 25th November, 2017

Key highlights This was a symposium of all development partners rallying together to assess and to own all development programs and projects initiated and also to address any existing gaps like financial constraints and others like expertise. […]