1. Social Intelligence Reporting

SIR is a Kenyan initiative led by government through the Ministry of Devolution and Planning and supported technically by UNICEF Kenya Country office: SIR is a tool for gathering data and information for monitoring the status of public social services (notably Education services within primary schools, health services within facilities, community and school water points, Sanitation in schools, Nutrition from health facilities, social protection and child protection).

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  1. Programme for Agriculture and Livehoods of Western Communities  (PALWECO)

The Programme was jointly funded by the Governments of Finland and Kenya. The programme has been a collaborative effort of the Government of Kenya (GoK) and the Government of Finland that largely aimed at reducing poverty, improving the livelihoods and living standards of the communities at Busia County.

The overall objective of PALWECO was to contribute towards decreased poverty, improved livelihoods and living standards of the population of Busia County. The purpose of the programme was to achieve strengthened capacity of the poor people of Busia County to influence structures/processes affecting them; and increased wealth from sustainable farming and non-farming activities. PALWECO was designed with a long-term perspective based on experiences in other rural development programmes and projects in Kenya, which indicated that successful rural interventions need time (approximately 10 to 15 years).

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      2. Community Empowerment and Institutional Support Project (CEISP)

The major objective of the project was to strengthen the decentralized planning system through the establishment of Sub-County Information and Documentation Center’s which are expected to be the main platform for sharing information on national development at the sub-county level.

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